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The Challenges Dr. Tasso Pappas Faces in Dermatology

December 19, 2017
It’s certainly clear that Dr. Tasso Pappas loves his profession as a dermatologist. One reason for that is that he sees dermatology as a practice that is not much different from being a detective. He feels that way because he always has to solve difficult mysteries regarding solutions to many medical conditions, including some that are very serious. Dr. Pappas gets a lot of satisfaction from being able to care for patients from all ages and walks of life, as well as from his ability to cure them and make a major difference in their lives. That’s why he became a doctor in the first place.

Dr. Tasso Pappas finds dermatology to be one of the few areas of medicine in which physicians must understand the patient and their medical history at least as much as they understand the actual medical facts and the surrounding science. Dermatology is very individualized medicine. Dr. Pappas currently practices out of Skin Care Doctors in Burnsville, Minnesota, where he has been since December 2015. That said, he has been in practice for about 20 years, since he earned his medical degree from the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota. Prior to that, the future doctor graduated with a with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, also from the University of South Dakota.

Dr. Tasso Pappas also likes to give back to the Twin Cities community, which is why he routinely performs reconstructive surgeries for skin cancer. He also volunteered to participate in annual melanoma screenings in the area for the same reason, and he also has been a volunteer for a program that provides ex-gang members with tattoo removal services.